Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello! Anyone out there?

I haven't been hybernating... honest! Goodness life just flew by. The last post was the end of summer now we are almost at the end of winter - thank heavens! There were a few changes done this winter - moving plants around, preparing the veggie beds, cutting and trimming trees.

Well here is the veggie bed that Ronnix and I laid out and prepared. I planted leeks, red and brown onions and broccoli. I made the error of not noting the sun on this bed in winter - it doesn't get enough sun in winter but in summer gets a lot. So next winter I will let it rest. The result is the onions and leeks are growing very slowly which may result in a poor crop. The broccoli however seems to be doing fine. I want to prep to plant peas and beans so want to build a support system for them. I am also going to be planting potatoes in the next few weeks - as soon as I can get the seed potatoes.

I planted poppies this year and they are gorgeous. There are so many unopened buds so I am hoping for a profusion of poppies. I planted yellows, oranges and whites in the fairy area and some reds in my red bed.