Monday, August 22, 2011

The plotting, planning and planting...

The best thing about spring is the potential. Ok and the thawed out toes are also pretty good!

My Namaqualand Daisies are being their usual cheerful chirpy selves.

I planted Sweetpeas using the seeds from last year. They have gone absolutely mad but no flowers yet - wait for that picture!

The Primulas are all pretty in pink at my front door (not to mention my sweet child!) and my veggie garden is all planted out. I am going to plant potatoes in the next couple of days and a tomato bush or 2 and then we are ready to rock'n roll. I have a real smorgasboard in the veggie garden - pumpkins, beetroot, mielies, leeks, onions, cucumber, beans, carrots, broccoli. Yum yum!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hello! Anyone out there?

I haven't been hybernating... honest! Goodness life just flew by. The last post was the end of summer now we are almost at the end of winter - thank heavens! There were a few changes done this winter - moving plants around, preparing the veggie beds, cutting and trimming trees.

Well here is the veggie bed that Ronnix and I laid out and prepared. I planted leeks, red and brown onions and broccoli. I made the error of not noting the sun on this bed in winter - it doesn't get enough sun in winter but in summer gets a lot. So next winter I will let it rest. The result is the onions and leeks are growing very slowly which may result in a poor crop. The broccoli however seems to be doing fine. I want to prep to plant peas and beans so want to build a support system for them. I am also going to be planting potatoes in the next few weeks - as soon as I can get the seed potatoes.

I planted poppies this year and they are gorgeous. There are so many unopened buds so I am hoping for a profusion of poppies. I planted yellows, oranges and whites in the fairy area and some reds in my red bed.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Streptocarpus spleandor

This is Streptocarpus formosus. They are part of a large genus of plants indigenous to South Africa. They grow wild in Port St Johns in the Transkei and other parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal.
These beautiful old fashioned plants are sensitive to light and easily burnt by the sun but at the same time don't flower very well in deep shade. They have beautiful trumpet-like flowers in summer and large leaves. They are a low growing plant. They are in quite acidic soil as they are near my Hydrangeas and Azaleas.
Of course I just love the colour - deeply spiritual deep purple.
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye bye Privetts

Yay finally bye bye Privetts - already the Lemon tree and the Wilde Als are smiling and reaching for the sun. These particular trees are invaders but not all Privetts are bad - I don't have the botanical names of these particular Privetts - so don't just haul out the electric hand saw without being sure. I did say a quiet sorry to them though.
I have plans afoot to move some of my newer roses to a sunny spot in the garden. When I started this current rose bed 5 years ago the trees were smaller and the sun got to them. There are a lot of shady spots in my garden so going to have to find lots of shade loving plants. The ones that come to mind are Plectranthus, Mayabella, Clivias, Strobilanthes, Zantedescia. Yummy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zubrant Zanny Zinnias

I love the wild cheerfulness of these Zinnia elegans and they love this sunny place in a wall. Peaking out are Argyranthemum frutescens. Even more hidden away are Gazanias - also in beautiful pinks.
I am regularly deadheading all of them to give a longer flowering period. None of these beauties like wet feet so do well together. Not to mention they are in a place that often gets overlooked when I water!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Deidre's spot

I have been building this spot for my special overseas Sista - Deidre. I planted beautiful Salmon coloured Zinnias. There has been too much rain for these little beauties so they are not as vibrant as they were a little while ago - I will try do another post when they are happier.
There are various fairies hidden in these pots. I "rescued" them as well as the pots from Deidre's house - I felt they needed to stay within the family.
I am still trying to find out the name of this tree but within this space there is Hypoestas Aristata - Ribbon Bush. This sends out beautiful purple flowers in winter. There is also a Tachelospermum jasminoides - Star Jasmine. I am training it to grow up the fallen log. I have also a bird feeder for our voracious seed-eating Weavers.
There is a great big heart which was given to me by Nicola Martin (apologies for spelling error) - everytime I see it I think of you special lady.
I love these corners of my garden that have so much meaning for me.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 - yeeeha!

So 2010 is behind - can't say I am too sorry about that and the next adventure is ahead of me.

GardenGodmother has a gorgeous logo. I am excited about this year and so excited for this venture called GardenGodmother. I am so inspired and content in gardens. I love the planning, researching and then the actual implementing. The never-ending planning in my own garden contstantly takes up space in my head - much better than the often-found junk in my head.

I had a fab gardening weekend - chopped down part of a Privett tree, weeded, cleaned and generally fussed - lovely stuff. Rest of the Privett tree and another smaller tree are on my radar.

I have a beautiful piece of wood given to me for my birthday by my friend Nicola and I am pondering where to put it and what to put with it. I also have an old wooden spice rack my dad gave to me from Mozambique - so the ideas churn and churn.

We are going to have chickens this year. They are going to live where my veggies are. I definitely have me reservations about this.... So we need to move a wall, cut down some Cortaderia selloana - Pampas grass, make space for the veggies and make a house for the chickens. I wonder what the neighbours will think.

It is raining and simply gorgeous and soft at the moment.

Best wishes all for this year ahead - I wish for you faith, courage and humour abound!