Monday, August 22, 2011

The plotting, planning and planting...

The best thing about spring is the potential. Ok and the thawed out toes are also pretty good!

My Namaqualand Daisies are being their usual cheerful chirpy selves.

I planted Sweetpeas using the seeds from last year. They have gone absolutely mad but no flowers yet - wait for that picture!

The Primulas are all pretty in pink at my front door (not to mention my sweet child!) and my veggie garden is all planted out. I am going to plant potatoes in the next couple of days and a tomato bush or 2 and then we are ready to rock'n roll. I have a real smorgasboard in the veggie garden - pumpkins, beetroot, mielies, leeks, onions, cucumber, beans, carrots, broccoli. Yum yum!