Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye bye Privetts

Yay finally bye bye Privetts - already the Lemon tree and the Wilde Als are smiling and reaching for the sun. These particular trees are invaders but not all Privetts are bad - I don't have the botanical names of these particular Privetts - so don't just haul out the electric hand saw without being sure. I did say a quiet sorry to them though.
I have plans afoot to move some of my newer roses to a sunny spot in the garden. When I started this current rose bed 5 years ago the trees were smaller and the sun got to them. There are a lot of shady spots in my garden so going to have to find lots of shade loving plants. The ones that come to mind are Plectranthus, Mayabella, Clivias, Strobilanthes, Zantedescia. Yummy!

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