Friday, October 8, 2010

Precious petunias

You know I can't get enough of these little stunners. I planted mine in about July and they flowered very shyly then as the temperatures warmed up they really let loose! They don't like wet feet and love the heat!

These are a new variety from Keith Kirsten called Supertunias.
"Petunia Supertunia TM Pretty Much Picasso This Petunia plant is a must have flower that is sure to turn heads and strike up a conversation in your garden. The unique colours make this unlike any other Petunia plant. This first of a kind Petunia with bright pink blooms edged in lime-green can grow up to 24 inches accross and lasts weeks longer than any other Petunia. Performs great in baskets, containers and in the landscape. Attracts butterflies; low maintenance requirements." ex
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  1. My petunias here have quite like wet feet... but they don't seem to like the heat here! Actually everything's pretty much taking a rest for winter...