Tuesday, November 2, 2010


No pictures this time round. I am being challenged by Telkom!
The sweetpeas are finished and I will gather some of the seeds for next year. I am planning and drawing the design for the purple garden. I am going for more perennials and fewer annuals.
I have bought some stunning Dhalia bulbs and look forward to those audacious flowers in about 2 months time.
My Canterbury Bells are absolutely beautiful - some blues and some whites.
I ate a coleslaw for lunch yesterday with home grown carrots and cabbage. Tonight I made Bolognaise and used a homegrown red onion. Love it - makes me all mushy and keeps me inspired.
This week I MUST feed my Mimulas and Violas as well as the hydrangeas and roses. In fact the whole garden.
I am still be very challenged by my not so lucious grass.
Please excuse the higglety pigglety blog and jumping around of topics - this is what happens when I have a lot to say!

1 comment:

  1. I can just picture your beautiful garden! (Except I will admit that I don't know what Mimulas are - I will google them).

    Isn't it wonderful to eat your own veggies! I understand the mushy feeling :)

    "Audacious" is delicious word - I shall add it to my speaking vocabulary!

    Go GardenGodmother! Carry on sprinkling your magic touch everywhere you go.