Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 - yeeeha!

So 2010 is behind - can't say I am too sorry about that and the next adventure is ahead of me.

GardenGodmother has a gorgeous logo. I am excited about this year and so excited for this venture called GardenGodmother. I am so inspired and content in gardens. I love the planning, researching and then the actual implementing. The never-ending planning in my own garden contstantly takes up space in my head - much better than the often-found junk in my head.

I had a fab gardening weekend - chopped down part of a Privett tree, weeded, cleaned and generally fussed - lovely stuff. Rest of the Privett tree and another smaller tree are on my radar.

I have a beautiful piece of wood given to me for my birthday by my friend Nicola and I am pondering where to put it and what to put with it. I also have an old wooden spice rack my dad gave to me from Mozambique - so the ideas churn and churn.

We are going to have chickens this year. They are going to live where my veggies are. I definitely have me reservations about this.... So we need to move a wall, cut down some Cortaderia selloana - Pampas grass, make space for the veggies and make a house for the chickens. I wonder what the neighbours will think.

It is raining and simply gorgeous and soft at the moment.

Best wishes all for this year ahead - I wish for you faith, courage and humour abound!

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