Friday, January 28, 2011

Deidre's spot

I have been building this spot for my special overseas Sista - Deidre. I planted beautiful Salmon coloured Zinnias. There has been too much rain for these little beauties so they are not as vibrant as they were a little while ago - I will try do another post when they are happier.
There are various fairies hidden in these pots. I "rescued" them as well as the pots from Deidre's house - I felt they needed to stay within the family.
I am still trying to find out the name of this tree but within this space there is Hypoestas Aristata - Ribbon Bush. This sends out beautiful purple flowers in winter. There is also a Tachelospermum jasminoides - Star Jasmine. I am training it to grow up the fallen log. I have also a bird feeder for our voracious seed-eating Weavers.
There is a great big heart which was given to me by Nicola Martin (apologies for spelling error) - everytime I see it I think of you special lady.
I love these corners of my garden that have so much meaning for me.
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  1. Aww it looks beautiful. Thank you for giving my fairies and pots a very special new home. XXX